Can someone under age 18 participate?

This is a local decision. Someone under 18 should be with a parent or have permission to attend. Some communities have reached out specifically to young people. Winter Springs High School in Florida offers the training to high school students. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a great way to address community service requirements for high school students and provides students with useful skills. CERT also fits nicely with training given to Boy and Girl Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol.

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1. What is CERT?
2. How does CERT benefit the community?
3. How do I take CERT training?
4. Is there a CERT near me?
5. How do we start a CERT program?
6. How is CERT funded?
7. Who can take the training?
8. Can someone under age 18 participate?
9. What if I have concerns about my age or physical ability?
10. Why take the CERT training?
11. How do CERT members maintain their skills?
12. What if I want to do more than just the basic training?
13. What about liability?