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Tuesday, May 31, 2022                              9:00 A.M.               201 N. Main, Room 107, Andrews, Tx


Call to Order




Pledge of Allegiance/US/Texas



  1. Approve the minutes from the Commissioners’ Court regular meeting held May 24, 2022.
  2. Approve the minutes from the Commissioners’ Court special meeting held May 24, 2022.
  3. Approve Notice of Quorum for May 26, 2022.

Public Forum:

  1. Open the floor for public forum. (Public comments, announcements and presentations will be limited to a maximum of three (3) minutes, unless a member of the court requests additional time for the presenter.)

Fund 47:

  1. Discuss and consider approving Commercial Site Furnishings Invoice Number CF112321URI in the amount of $5,037.56, for a 6’ Custom Diamond Pattern Logo Bench at the Legacy Park to be paid from Fund 47, Legacy Fund.
  2. Discuss and consider approving the remaining funding of $1,500 for the July 2022 fireworks show to be paid from Legacy Fund, Fund 41.
  3. Discuss and consider approving Invoice #70027952 from Conex Depot for 2 shipping containers for the Andrews Christmas Light Project to be paid out of Fund 47, Legacy Fund.

Precinct 3 Request:

  1. Discuss and consider approving a Customer Purchase Agreement/Commitment to Lease for John Deere Construction, Utility and Forestry Products and Compact Construction Equipment - US for Precinct 3. PA#08854753.
  2. Discuss and consider approving county employees to build a base pad at the Christmas Light Show for the installation of CEA containers.

County Auditor Request:

  1. Discuss and take action to revise award of Andrews County’s Road Improvement Bid for the County Transportation Infrastructure Fund (CTIF) grant to C.K. Newberry, LLC.

Health Department Request:

  1. Discuss and consider the Plan Change for the Andrews County Employee Insurance Plan to decrease in failure to pre-certification penalty from $750 to $250 in the Andrews County Employee.

Airport Request:

  1. Discuss and consider approving the Texas Department of Transportation Airport Project Participation Agreement to reconstruct and mark Runway 16-34 and taxiway A and partial taxiway D; reconstruct connector taxiways to Runway 16-34 and reconstruct terminal apron at Andrews County Airport. 

Human Resource Request:

  1. Discuss and consider approving the updated Pay Delivery Policy due to changes in Texas Workforce Commission regulations for pay delivery.
  2. Discuss and consider accepting the Cybersecurity Training Certification for Fiscal Year 2022 for Andrews County, Andrews County Sheriff’s Department, Andrews County CSCD, and Andrews County Library. 
  3. Discuss and consider approving to pay the Election Workers for the May 24, 2022 Primary Election Run-off.


Declare As Salvage, Pursuant To Local Government Code 263.152 (A)(3):

  1. Discuss and consider approving to declare as salvage to be destroyed the following items from the Andrews County Tax Office: (2) Phillips 15" monitors, HANNS-G 24" monitor, (2) Xerox Documate, tag #8647 and tag #8646, (8) HP laser jet printer - P1102w, Tag #9672, Tag #9162, Tag #9161, Tag #9316, Tag #9163, Tag #9313, Tag #9314, and Tag #9315. 

Department of Public Safety:

  1. Discuss and consider approving the Interlocal Cooperation Contract (ILC) between Andrews County and the Department of Public Safety (DPS),Texas Government Code Chapter 791, to provide DPS the exclusive use of 480 Square feet of office space together with the non-exclusive use of the property owned by County to provide driver license services at a Driver License office located at 201 N. Main St. Andrews, Tx 79714.

County Sheriff Request:

  1. Discuss and consider to authorize the renewal of the agreement between the Andrews County Sheriff and the Department of Defense Logistics Agency Law Enforcement Support Office to participate in the 1033 Program for excess Department of Defense equipment.

County Auditor Reports:

  1. Discuss and consider approving the County Auditor's Monthly Report to Commissioners' Court and District Judge as provided by Local Government Code Section 114.024 and 114.025 hereby identified as the Red Book.
  2. Consider approving the various budget amendments for the 2021-2022 Budget year under Local Government Code 111.010(d).
  3. Consider approving the payment of financial obligations and payroll for Andrews County and cancel all warrants.

Executive Session:

  1. ENTER INTO EXECUTIVE SESSION (DISCUSSION ONLY: CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC) (Pursuant to Chapter 551, Texas Government Code) MAY BE DISCUSSED AND ACTED UPON, IF APPROPRIATE, IN OPEN SESSION. Pursuant to §551.074: To deliberate the evaluation, reassignment, duties, or discipline of a public officer or employee(s) of the District Clerk’s Office.

Motion to Adjourn


Persons who do not wish to attend the Andrews County Commissioners' Court Meeting in person may join Via Zoom Feed at: 

Meeting ID: 878 8223 3038, Passcode: 473152, One Tap Mobile: +13462487799

In accordance with Title III of the American with Disabilities Act, we invite all attendees to advise us of any special accommodations due to disability. Please submit your request as far as possible in advance of the meeting you wish to attend.

As authorized by the Texas Government Code, the Commissioners’ Court of Andrews County, Texas reserves the right to adjourn into Executive Session at any time during the course of this meeting to discuss any of the matters listed above as they may relate to Texas Government Code Section 551.071(1) Consultation with Attorney about pending or contemplated litigation or settlement offers. Texas Government Code Section 551. 071(2) (Consultation with Attorney when the Attorneys obligations under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas conflicts with Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code). Texas Government Code Section 551.072 (Deliberations about Real Property), Texas Government Code 551.073 (Deliberations about Gifts and Donations), Texas Government code 551.074 (Personnel Matters), Texas Government Code 551.0745 (Deliberations about a County Advisory Body), Texas Government Code 551.076 (Deliberations about Security Devices), and Texas Government Code 551.087 (Economic Negotiations).In the event that the Court adjourns into Executive Session unless otherwise specified on the agenda, the Court will announce any other parties who are authorized to be present during the deliberations in Executive Session and will announce under what section of the Texas Government Code the Commissioners Court is using as its authority to inter to Executive Session.