Public Nuisance

Under Section 343.011 of Texas Health and Safety Code the items in following list are considered nuisances and as such are enforceable by the Andrews County Fire Marshal as well as other law enforcement agencies.

  • Keeping, storing, or accumulating refuse on premises in a neighborhood unless the refuse is entirely contained in a closed receptacle;
  • Keeping, storing, or accumulating rubbish, including newspapers, abandoned vehicles, refrigerators, stoves, furniture, tires, and cans on premises in neighborhood for 10 days or more, unless the rubbish or object is completely enclosed in a building or not visible from a public street;
  • Maintaining premises in a manner that creates an unsanitary condition likely to attract or harbor mosquitoes, rodents, vermin, or disease-carrying pests;
  • Allowing weeds to grow on premises in a neighborhood if the weeds are located within 300 feet of another residence or commercial establishment;
  • Maintaining a building in a manner that is structurally unsafe or constitutes a hazard to safety, health, or public-welfare because of inadequate maintenance, unsanitary conditions, dilapidation, obsolescence, disaster, damage or abandonment or because it constitutes a fire hazard;
  • Maintaining on abandoned and unoccupied property in a neighborhood a swimming pool that is not protected with;

       1. (A) a fence that is at least four feet high and that has a latched gate that cannot be opened by a child; or 

       2. (B) a cover over the entire swimming pool that cannot be removed by a child or

  • Maintaining a flea market in a manner that constitutes a fire hazard.

Public Nuisance Reporting

This form is to be used to report a possible violation of the Texas Health and Safety Code Section 343.011.

 Please fill out the following  form as completely as you can so that an investigation of your complaint can be conducted.

Public Nuisance Reporting Form