Outdoor Burning

This information is related to outdoor burning and burn bans in the unincorporated areas of Andrews County only. If you live inside the City of Andrews, please contact the City of Andrews for information about the city ordinances on this subject.

Burn Bans

We are frequently asked if Andrews County has a burn ban. In an effort to keep the information publicly available at all times, you can always check this website. Our burn ban "status" is posted here and is always current. That being said, it is our duty to remind you that even when there is no burn ban in place, residents of Andrews County cannot assume they can burn anything, anytime, anywhere.

Outdoor Burning Rules & Laws

There are State laws, rules, and regulations governing outdoor burning. Failure to follow them can be a criminal offense and can result in civil liability. It is your responsibility to understand the law before you burn and know that if anyone gets hurt or property is damaged by your actions, you can be held responsible.

Take a moment to educate yourself on the outdoor burning rules and laws before you burn. The link below will provide a download of the current publication from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on the subject: State of Texas Outdoor Burning Rules (PDF).

Current Weather Conditions

It is your responsibility to know the current weather conditions and to determine if it is safe to conduct outdoor burning. The National Weather Service provides a daily weather briefing to assist you. Additionally, real-time current local conditions are available at the West Texas Mesonet Clickable Observations Map by clicking on Andrews.

As always, please call the Andrews County Sheriff's Office at 432-523-5545 before conducting any outdoor burning.