County Clerk

"Recording some of the major events of your life", Andrews County Clerk serves as the clerk and custodian for many records. Some of the records include:

  • Assumed Names
  • Birth
  • Court Cases
  • Death
  • Marks and Brands
  • Marriage License
  • Military Discharge (DD214)
  • Real Property and Land Records
  • Wills for Safekeeping

The majority of these records are permanent, therefore, making the Clerk's Office a vault for historical documents dating back to 1881.  Various records are "closed records", meaning they are not for public viewing, and it is our responsibility to protect these records for you and your heirs.

The Clerk also serves as the clerk of various courts which include county court for:

  • Civil
  • Commissioners' Court
  • Guardianship
  • Juvenile
  • Mental Health
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Cases
  • Probate

Although the law governs what the Clerk's Office can and cannot do, it is our goal to serve all those who utilize this office to the best of our ability.

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