Andrews County Youth Recreation Center

Our Mission

To provide fun, safe and affordable youth programs according to the National Standards for Youth Sports, where all kids can participate and learn.


The ACYRC offers a variety of recreational opportunities for the youth of Andrews and surrounding communities. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of each sport we conduct throughout the year with an emphasis on participation of each child no matter what their ability.  We believe that kids should have fun, learn to play and compete with the emphasis more on learning skills, teamwork and character than about just winning or losing. The cost for the players who participate in our programs is very low (maybe the lowest you will find anywhere) and thanks to the leadership in our county government helping to fund the program, we maintain excellent equipment & facilities. This translates into more kids being able to afford to play and learn! The county maintained fields that we play on are some of the best in West Texas.

We offer these sports throughout the year:

  • Flag Football
  • Cheerleading
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • T-Ball Baseball & Machine Pitch Baseball
  • Soccer (Fall & Spring)

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We will be implementing a new messaging system to help keep everyone inform as to when registration starts for the various sports we conduct. It will also help in notifying leagues in case of game cancelations or other changes.

It will be with the system known as “RainedOut”. With this system you can opt in or opt out as you see fit. When you opt in you can choose which group you want to get messages from. I have created different groups such as “registration”, “6-7 boys basketball” and “8-9 volleyball”, ect. Pick the ones that are relevant to you.

If you want the message to come to your E-Mail you can go to their web site at to register or if you want the message to come to your phone you can send the text message ACYRC to 84483 to get registered.  If your carrier charges for messaging or other charges you will be responsible for paying those charges. The best part is this is a free service (standard text messaging fees apply) and we all like free.

I will continue to post information on Facebook and on the Andrews County website as needed. This is just another tool to get the information out.

  • Text ACYRC to 84483 to receive all alerts from Andrews County Youth Recreation.
  • Text 67BBSKTBALL to 84483 to receive 6-7 Boys Basketball alerts.
  • Text 67GBSKTBALL to 84483 to receive 6-7 Girls Basketball alerts.
  • Text 89GVOLBALL to 84483 to receive 8-9 Girls Volleyball alerts.
  • Text 1011GVOLBALL to 84483 to receive 10-11 Girls Volleyball alerts. 
  • Text ACYRCREF to 84483 to receive Referees alerts.  
  • Text ACYRCCOACH to 84483 to receive Coaches alerts. 
  • Text ACYRCREGISTER to 84483 to receive Registration alerts. 
  • Text 89BBSKTBALL to 84483 to receive 8-9 Boys Basketball alerts. 
  • Text 89GBSKTBALL to 84483 to receive 8-9 Girls Basketball alerts. 
  • Text 1011GBSKTBALL to 84483 to receive 10-11 Girls Basketball alerts. 
  • Text 1011BBSKTBALL to 84483 to receive 10-11 Boys Basketball alerts. 
  • Text 45SOCCER to 84483 to receive 4-5 Soccer alerts. 
  • Text 678SOCCER to 84483 to receive 6-7-8 Soccer alerts. 
  • Text 9UPSOCCER to 84483 to receive 9 and Up Soccer alerts. 
  • Text 56TBALL to 84483 to receive 5-6 Tee Ball alerts. 
  • Text 78MPITCH to 84483 to receive 7-8 Machine Pitch alerts. 
  • Text ACYRCFLAG to 84483 to receive 6-7 Flag Football alerts. 
  • Text 89FLGFOOTBALL to 84483 to receive 8-9 Flag Football alerts. 
  • Text 1011FLGFOOTBALL to 84483 to receive 10-11 Flag Football alerts. 
  • Text 67FLAGCHEER to 84483 to receive 6-7 Flag Cheerleading alerts. 
  • Text 811CHEER to 84483 to receive 8-11 Flag Cheerleading alerts. 


List of Future Sports Start Date

Fall Sports Lineup 2019


Medical Consent to Treat
Parent Information
Coaches Application
Family Registration Information

Current Signups


6-7 year old Basketball Season

Kids 6-7 years old (as of September 1, 2019)

Division I: 6-7 Boys.  Division II: 6-7 Girls.

Register at the Youth Center (During office hours)

Early Registration:  September 23, 2019 thru September 27, 2019 - Fee $20

Regular Registration: September 30, 2019 thru October 11, 2019 - Fee $30

Late Registration: October 14, 2019 thru October 16, 2019 - Fee $40

After October 16, 2019 no one will be allowed to register.

Season Last from Oct. 22, 2019 to Nov. 21, 2019


8-9 and 10-11 year old Girls Volleyball

Girls 8 -11 years old (as of September 1, 2019)

Division I: 8, 9 year olds.  Division II: 10, 11 year olds.

Register at the Youth Center (During office hours)

Early Registration:  September 23, 2019 thru September 27, 2019 - Fee $25

Regular Registration:  September 30, 2019 thru October 11, 2019 - Fee $35

Late Registration: October 14, 2019 thru October 16, 2019 - Fee $45

After October 16, 2019 no one will be allowed to register.

Season Last from Oct. 22, 2019 to Nov. 23, 2019

Game Room

In addition to the Youth Center’s sports program activities, the ACYRC offers recreation for students ages 8-18 in our game room five days a week.  Our game room has billiards, ping-pong, air hockey, foosball, shuffleboard, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, XBOX 360, four computers with internet access, variety of board games, toddler’s kitchen and a snack area. 

While there is no fee for using the game room we do require each child to be registered with the ACYRC. Proof of age is required.

For those students who are 13 years old or older we have a dedicated game area for them to play in if they choose.  They can play games, watch movies, jam out on the electric guitar or just hang out with their friends. They must first have a parent permission form filled out and returned in order to use this room.

Parents of students of all ages are always welcome to come and play with their kids but children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 18 years old or older. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Youth Center is not a baby sitter and students are free to come and go as they wish but while they are inside they will be supervised and must be on their best behavior. We require all who come to play to respect the staff, respect each other and respect themselves. The students can bring in food and drink but they must be kept at the snack area and they are required to clean up after themselves.

Game Room Forms

Xbox Parent Permission Form

Hours of Operation & Contact Info


Randy Rowe

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday (10:00am until 6:00pm) & Friday (9:00am until 5:00pm)

(on game days we may close earlier)

Game Room Hours

Monday - Thursday (Noon - 6:00pm); Friday (Noon - 5:00pm)


300 NE 6th Street
Andrews, TX 79714


(432) 523-4745